Rik Mars

Other artists working with wood

  • Truus Beisterveld, turner (NL, English site)
    Lady turner from the north of the Netherlands exhibiting bowls, vases, ornamentation and twist tops, like the CD-top on the picture, which she invented.
  • Truus Beisterveld (NL), CD-top
    De Gouwe-groep (NL)
  • The Gouwe-group (NL)
    Woodturners in the West of The Netherlands.
    so many members, so many techniques.

  • Aarhus - houtdraaien (NL)
    Very skilled Henny van den Akker creates all kinds of objects, turned or unturned , made of wood or other materials. His knowledge of materials lead him to totally new things that surprise over and over again.
  • Aarhus - woodturning, Henny van den Akker, Compound bowl.
    Marcel van Berkel (NL)
  • Marcel van Berkel (NL)
    Marcel van Berkel brings strong contrasts into his work. Woodturning shows to be much more than turning alone.

  • Mike Scott, houtdraaier
    Mike Scott attaches more importance to shape as to material.
    By combining turning and other woodworking techniques and especially by using brushing, bleaching and/or sand blasting for surface finishing, he creates objects of unworldly beauty.
  • Mike Scott, Oak burr, fluted form. Turned, carved, sandblasted and bleached.
    Cor Doornekamp (NL), giant top
  • Cor Doornekamp (NL),
    Fascinated by big: a top nobody can spin, een club nobody can handle ...

  • Ger Vervoort (NL)
    Nice designing; newly discovered shapes; surprising additions.
  • Ger Vervoort, Jar from prunus.
    Stephen Hughes, 'The Pleaser'
  • The American Association of Woodturners
    A large international organisation of wood turners.
    On their site countless links and several exhibitions of wooden objects, turned and carved.
    As example in the picture an object of Stephen Hughes from Aspendale Gardens, Australia: "The Pleaser"

  • Association of woodturners of New Zealand
  • Association of woodturners of New Zealand,
    Lots of members in this assosiation who turn beautiful work.
    A website with lots of links and web exhibitions.

  • Centrum Hout
  • Centrum Hout
    At the Centrum Hout everything about wood, the use of wood, architecture, training, etc.
    Many links can be found on this site too.

  • Open Dag Hout
  • Houtrijk Nederland
    The assosiation unites forresters, mills and woodworkers. Increased use if wood from the region, evironmently friendly, sustainable wood finishing and attention voor craftmanship are the purpose.

  • Open Dag Hout
    The 'Oen dag hout' is a yearly event on wood with participants from several countries.

  • Houtrijk Nederland
    Oak Cedar Hornbeam
  • Timber
    A list with denominations of timber in English, Dutch, German and French, as well as the botanical names. Also links to objects are given.

  • some sculptures and woodcarvings I collected from over the world.
    They inspire me.

  • From India this Shiva carved from sandal-wood.
  • Shiva carved from sandal-wood
    Drawer-cabinet by Simon Gort
  • Drawer-cabinet by Simon Gort

  • In Zimbabwe we found this cat.
  • Cat from Zimbabwe

  • African art from Mozambique, this statue of two men.
  • Sculpture from Mozambique
    Wood-carving from Nepal.
  • Traditional Nepalese, a beautifull carved lion.

  • Wooden head of a horse from Mozambique.
  • Wooden head of a horse from Mozambique
    Terug naar Rik Mars
    Wood-carving artwork from Zimbabwe.
  • A masterpiece from Zimbabwe, this open-work shield.
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